Monday, March 27, 2006

More Stuff (but it's unimportant)

Well Jim Loney came home yesterday, and the other guy, Harmeet Singh, wound-up in New Zealand. Both eventualities arousing a little disquiet in the mind of a mental midget such as myself.

First off, there's Mr Singh, a Canadian Citizen, whom our government, and its resources, has been at some pains to help, who says 'TaTa!' and jets off to the Antipodes. He was to be reunited with his family, who now reside in New Zealand. From his appearance, Mr. Singh Sr., originated in the Asian subcontinent, or was of Indian descent. From his accent, I would assume that his origin was not Canadian. I assume , too, that he was formerly a Canadian resident, if not a Canadian citizen. His Son, Mr. Singh Jr, is a Canadian citizen, either by birth or naturalization, I don't know. I could be wrong, but it appears that the Singhs are very cosmopolitan in outlook and seem well on the way to becoming 'citoyens du monde' - that might be a useful cachet for a hostage.

The second observation, and way off-base to some, is that Mr. Loney was met by his same-sex partner at the Airport last night. A fairly modern perspective displayed by someone engaged in an act of very primitive and basic Christianity. I don't see what Mr. Loney's sexual orientation had to do with his Baghdad experience, but I'll bet it didn't help. Given the Koran's strictures regarding homosexual behaviour, he could never have been entirely comfortable while keeping his orientation secret from his captors. I'm just trying to figure out why somebody decided it was important that we all know that Loney is a gay man? Was it to praise a 'gay' hero, or to give us fair warning, or both?

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