Friday, March 24, 2006

Rejoicing in the land

It sure looks like a win for the good guys. Jim Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden will be going home with all their body parts intact, hallelujah!

I don't quite understand what 'peace activists' do, other than go places where organized crap occurs on a fairly frequent basis and join the 'underdogs'. In Iraq it meant sitting out the bombing of Baghdad, in Israel joining the Palestinians in confronting the Israeli army. In the current situation, the activists drive (pedal?) around Baghdad, Fallujah, Mosul or wherever some 'insurgent activity' is being countered and insinuate themselves into the insurgent area to support the locals.

Now given the fact that the insurgents have a very low tolerance for any westerners, let alone 'crusading' Christian westerners, this seems to be a particularly foolhardy exercise. Sort of like voluntary lions' den-entering.

I have no problem with what they are doing, it's their business. What irks me is that, when they do get grabbed by the powers that be, their friends and family put all sorts of pressure on the government to get them out. Basically, I think they should be extended the same assistance as anyone else who, for whatever purpose, finds himself (herself) a prisoner in some foreign land, sort of like Mohammed Arar got - a couple of visits from the consul and some best wishes from the people at home. If, of course, the Consul knows where they are.

There is, however, a hidden bonus in all this - those guys from the RCMP who assisted in the rescue operation should be flown home immediately and promoted to top rank of the force. They're the only Mounties who haven't come off looking like total 'doofi' ( pl. of 'doofus') of late.

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