Monday, February 18, 2013

Bluray for Hollywood

And the Best Picture of 2012 is .....  “Silver Linings Playbook”.

Best Actor Daniel Day Lewis. Actress, Jennifer Lawrence. Chris Waltz will win for 'Django', Helen Hunt for ‘Seasons’ and the director’s award will go to Ang Li for ‘Life of Pi’.  Them's my main picks.

 Now why?

Best Picture nominees were, I found, as follows:

Argo - just not that interesting a story. But maybe I’m biased.  The Canadians who were the makers of the particular feast were largely ignored. A ‘star spangled war story’ that omitted much of the rest of it - that most of the hostages were held for almost another year and that hostage-taking rose to new heights thereafter. The movie doesn’t even try to explain to Americans, that this is the basic cause of Iran being as 'nasty' as it is to-day - oh yeah, and now wanting a ‘nukuler’ weapon.

Beasts of the Southern Wild - another futuristic tale set in the primitive alternative to some yet-to-come dystropic US society where a concatenation of ‘real’ people wait out the inevitable destruction of their world by the effects, I imagine, of global warming. I did like the horny swine-based 'aurochs' - they’re not coming back either.  Far-fetched.

Lincoln - a good period piece. Initially it gave one to believe they were at a civil war re-enactment. I’ve never read anywhere that Honest Abe went about interacting with the troops and, even if he had, they certainly wouldn’t have committed his Gettysburg address to memory - most wouldn’t even have known he’d made it. The story went on to frame the political machinations that led to the 13th amendment. A far more interesting story would have been the one that led to the initial Emancipation Proclamation.- that time was a real trial for Lincoln - on many levels. Here he’s much like President Obama - going into a second term with a mandate he didn’t have in his first. Good cast and acting, good costuming and cinematography. Awful wig on TL Jones.

Les Miserables - bad dental hygiene and lousy tunes. This ‘opera’ should never have been made into a movie - both suck.   

Life of Pi - Another ‘fantasy’ but this one, although incredible, was quite enjoyable. Maybe it’s the almost ‘bollywood’ effect.

Zero Dark 30 - Another ‘star-spangled war story’ without any redeeming social values.  Much less exciting than the ‘Hurt Locker’. The ‘torture’ scenes were ‘horror-fying’ and could be used as  recruitment adds for AQ. The blonde should have 'got naked'.   

Silver Linings Playbook - everybody knows somebody with the sort of mental illness that makes them more interesting people, as opposed to somebody bug-dirt loco. This is the tale of two such. Excellent cast, great acting, entertaining tale with some redeeming social value - I think.

D’Jango Unchained - explores the failing of south’ron slavery - particularly re-aquaintance with the ‘Niggah’ word which, I thought, had been banned among white folk outside Tennessee or Kaintuck; as well as that, the ‘gladiatorial bare knuckle’ fighting bouts staged for the delectation of civilized slave-owners. Unrealistic insofar as any black gunfighter in post-Nat Turner Dixie would have been hunted-down and strung-up, along with any white gunfighters found in company. A good Tarantino nonetheless.

Amour - interesting and poignant story of the hopelessness of growing old. An elderly couple, who really only have each other, the children being occupied with their careers and lives, too busy to maintain regular contact, have their retirement lives disrupted by her carotid artery.  Wheelchair bound she gives up on life, and so does he. The fire department find their corpses after somebody finally misses them. Triste.

And the gong goes to .... Jodie Foster .....  for proving I was right all along. You'd think she could have selected a good-looking sperm donor .. maybe he's smart.


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