Monday, February 18, 2013

Make Whey for the Big Baird

Canada's foreign affairs fairy is taking his sweet ass and bad dentures off to bait the commies in their nests. John (the bigmouth) Baird - Canada's Foreign Minister has been tasked with a visit to Cuba and Venezuela.

 Yeppers he's going down to talk trade and more human rights for the poor 'jinoteros y jinoteras' who 'befriend' Canadian holidaymakers. Maybe he should be taking along the Minister of Immigration - his 'bud' from the old days -  Jay Kenney, who has a bone to pick with the Cubans for tempting so many Canucks into sponsoring their immigration and then leaving a trail of unrequited love, broken hearts and angry taxpayers who have to support them for 3 years. It would be far better if they had more rights and could stay in Cuba, rather than bringing those rights they don't have up to Canada.

No doubt he'll want to take credit for all the Conservative government has never done for the Cubans - except take holidays there. A friend of mine who sold tobacco products for a living had the opportunity to meet Allan Rock, a late Justice Minister, on the last 'official' Conservative visit to the island more than a decade ago. Rock and his missus got a couple of 'free days' at a tourist resort. Rock, who was 'down' on smoking back home, was with a spouse who a) used the weed and b) didn't have any with her. My buddy provided her with a couple of large Rothman's.

 It's sad that Baird can't speak for Obama, but they share even less in common than with the commies. So I'm wondering why he's going at all?  For he can't do anybody any good. He is supposed to bring a message of hope to the Jewish people of Havana - one I guess the jewish holiday makers of Montreal can't, don't, or won't deliver.. Maybe he thinks that by springing the Jewish American Cuba jailed for hi-tech 'gifting' a couple of years back, he'll do an 'Argo' and get into Obama's good books.

He's on his way to Venezuela too. And there is more common ground there. Both Canada and Venezuela supply oil to the USA. And neither get much thanks for it. Venezuela because the guys who 'owned' the oil on behalf of their 'amigos norte-americanos' don't own the oil any more. And Canada because we can't give our shit away without a new pipeline. Not that I think it will make any difference to Chavez who gives heating oil away free in a reverse foreign-aid thing, while the Canadians (Americans too) who 'own' oil wouldn't give anybody the sweat off their balls. The big mouth might be challenged by Chavez, whom the Americans claim, has the biggest mouth.

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