Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gender Issues

To-night on the news, a commentator noted that there were far more people of the "female persuasion" involved in politics these days. While the latter point doesn't surprise me much, that being female is now a 'persuasion', does. It used to be that you were 'persuaded' to take to a religious bent or not. Or  that you had been persuaded to adhere to a political doctrine. But until now I was pretty sure that gender was more or less something for which persuasion wasn't required. But perhaps I err or, in newspeak, 'error'.

There are a number of genders available to us these days - the LGBT rainbow of flavors. There are in addition to your basic male or femaleness a number of nuances related to how you use the equipment. These are currently referred to as 'gender' issues rather than sexual issues for, you see, they lie at the heart of who you are as a human being. There are lesbians - they are females who opt to restrict the use of their gender parts to other females. There are your gays - they're males who do the same with other males. There are  Bisexuals - who are available to use their naughty bits with others of either gender and finally, and officially, there are your Transgendered folk - males who start off with male attributes and trade them in for the female model; and females who do the same in reverse.

But that's only scratching the surface for, if sexual behavior ie what you do with the works,  is the defining fundamental, there are an almost infinite variety of sexual beings walking around.

There are your pedophiles of course - of any of the 4 gender types - but whose focus is on youngsters. They are still classed as criminal. There are those who favor animals - bestialists. There are those who prefer singularity - they don't like anybody but themselves. Those who prefer relations with a corpse are necrophiles, with inanimate objects trees or garden vegetables. There are those who are attracted to machines. There are a large number in America who have relations with firearms. There are those who specialize in body parts or areas and those who like their partners to be made of vinyl latex, or plastic in varying degrees of reality. There are those who like to keep it 'in the family.' There are those who like the underwear or other clothing of the same or opposite gender. There are those who record their work for posterity and  only 'wanna watch' - mostly Casio or Timex. And there are those of any gender who simply can't get enough. In all of these there are subgroups who enjoy their pursuits with a little pain to heighten the pleasure. There are even some who do 'offing' themselves or a partner, while 'effing'.

I was reading about a residence for mentally disabled adults in England which had managed to bring in 'sex workers' to attend to the 'needs' of their clients. I knew of the same such which 'facilitated' clients in meeting those 'needs' with other clients. I'm just waiting for someone to raise the notion that a staff member, helping to meet those needs, might not be a potential criminal.

There is a currently-nominated movie about a sex surrogate and her 'relationship' with a  mentally less-than-able client. Apparently the client is able enough to want to 'get off', and hire her to surrogate for the women he can't otherwise 'get' to service him free.

Society is poised for a great sexual awakening when the borders of our old anal retentive ways will be moved and true sexual freedom for all will ensue. If the porn guys were to get on that, they could move the agenda ahead with light speed.

If  society which likes to keep up with such 'memes' - if only to increase marketing accuracy - is to do that, a new lexicon or symbology is required. Gone will be the simplistic M/F.. At present that could be expanded to M/F LGBT or further refined to M/F L G Mm/f Fm/f M->F F->M.

This could be even further refined to a series of icons describing personal biases, preferences or as they used to be called 'fetishes'. What fun that could be - make applying for benefits a real giggle.

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