Friday, April 21, 2017

And now for Somethings Silly

Things have been SOOOO tense this last couple of weeks, what with the threats of war 'bustin' out all over'  perhaps somebody media-savvy thought it was time to high-lite some  hi-jinks  -  just to take and edge off, see?

The Missing Armada

One of the things raising the heart rate was the possibility that 'the Norks' would strike out at the carrier group Carl Vinson as it deployed in support of South Korean peace and freedom. Or the dread that 'the Norks' wouldn't be able to get their peninsula out of the way in time  to prevent a collision. There we all were imagining - because opsec was, probably, preventing the carrier group from logging-in to the "where's he fleet and whut's it doin'" page on the US Naval website. We were living in fear as the fleet edged closer and closer to it's doom, or sailed valiantly toward vic'try,  depending on your perspective. It should have been getting there (even the Russians made better time stinking their war to Assad) but no news was coming in.  And then it did! Where was the Vinson?  Sailing into ICBM range and danger - no daddy! The Vinson was steaming south toward Australia - on a secret mission of some other kind. Possibly after that 'time portal' that would allow it to stop Pearl Harbor.  It wasn't much of a threat to Won Hung Low.

They're Playing Volleyball

One of America big fat red lines in Korea is the testing of any other 'nukuler' devices. To guard against that, America is deploying one of its satellites that actually can see shit. And it saw shit!  Apparently the Norks at one of their 'top secret' A-bomb development and testing sites were busy
playing volleyball!!!

The article then 'segwayed' into how volleyball is the number one sport in North Korea  and how back in '63 the Norks had placed third at the Olympics beating out the South Koreans and somebody else - probably in another misguided attempt at world domination.

Mike Pence the Sword and his Mommy

In an attempt to 'humanify' Veep Mike Pence who had delivered a wondrous oration to the nip[s just the day before jetting off to view the front in Korea, he w reported to have called his wife "Mother" while helping her to adjust a kevlar helmet and bulletproof vest.  Wasn't that sweet?

The day before he was reminding the Japanese of their Samurai ancestors and unsheathed swords and Korean pleasure wimmin and stuff. To-day he was in Jakarta praising the Islamic government there for all their 'moderation'. Guess Mike missed the festivities in East Timor. I know he was busy, making his first million, when Suharto eliminated all the commies.

Twerking for fun in EUkrainia.

They Busted an Iconoclast

A tit for your tat

Anti-gassing agency says 'nay'.

In a sort of riposte to Russia torpedoing the search for Assad's guilt for the gassing of his own people last week at he UN, the international body that keeps tabs on folk using chemical weapons declined to extend their investigation beyond what they had already done: determining that the victims transported to Turkey had, probably, been exposed to nerve gas agent.  Not that anybody actually went to Turkey or actually investigated anything. Like the UNSC, or some of its hairier members the OPCW was happy to take somebody's word for it along with 'the word' about who had done it.  They didn't want to have to get into specifics, as they did  in 2013,  when they determined that the rebels, rather than Assad, had probably gassed their own people back.     That's funny too.

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