Tuesday, April 25, 2017

So Many Evil 'Trannies', So Few Humanitarian MOBEs

This has nothing to do with royally-decorated Brits, or transvestites. Watching TrumpCo at work, this past one hundred days, one has to be struck with the number of 'troubles' with which the poor man has been afflicted that the 'hopeful' one, before him, wasn't! Thank goodness the recent developments seem to have obviated the other developments that threatened to abort his Presidency.  But pending a victory somewhere, the 'Vita-Suck' tissue-extractor hasn't been turned-off.  That somewhere could be Trump's war - in Venezuela.

Not only is America still dealing actively with the very real 'war fronts'  it has in Afghanistan and Iraq, it still has kinetic 'boots on the ground' 'kicking ass and taking names' in Libya, and Somalia, in (unofficially) Syria and Eastern Europe - thanks to Obama. Now we're seeing the traditional 'bug-a-boos' galumphing back into traditional 'flare-ups',  as Trump tries to 'address' the 8 years they were 'neglected' or 'ignored'.  North Korea is definitely in somebody's sights, Afghanistan is now re-'Surge'-ent and Iran , which wasn't ever off the table, still actively isn't - again. Not only that,  Trump has now made Syria an 'official' red line for somebody unAmerican to cross,  to-day there's Venezuela - where there's just too much 'tyranny' going on - for America to 'ignore' much longer.

                                         La revolucion es mas photogenico

'Bolivarian' Venezuela has been in America's Monroe Doctrine poster child for quite some time. The problem was that the trouble there was 'indigenous' and couldn't be laid to the traditional European 'interference' in America's hemisphere - although, for a while, both the Russians and Chinese were being faulted for supporting the 'regime'.  Even though the OAS tried getting (NATO representative) Juan Carlos of Spain into it - inviting him as a 'guest speaker' to be "insulted" by Chavez - that came a cropper on nobody else getting excited but El Rey.

                                         Ordinarily extraordinary people

When Chavez 'stepped into the mystery' it seemed that 'the times to come' had advanced themselves notably well-enough that America had only to bide its time, for the 'pistoleros' who had failed once before to unseat 'the usurper' and get 'theirs' back,  set about trying to unseat his successor.

                                         Even ordinary girls protest - Nuns, even!

Surprisingly this sad process is taking overly long - the Bolivarian Army doesn't seem to be obeying orders - probably something to do with the "justly merited" charges of 'narco-trafficking' with which the US has threatened them all, or at least the head 'honchos' and the government. Even the recent attempt to unseat another tyrant - the Russian one - by 'crashing' Russia's oil-based economy (and every other oil-based economy on earth that didn't have access to IMF 'emergency' funding)  failed to do more than  'deepen' the economic (consumer) 'crisis' in 'cash-strapped' Venezuela - where people were forced to find a replacement for imported bum-wipe!  The opposition hit the streets - apparently 'supported' by the 'suffering' people - who were being forced to travel abroad to buy the consumer goods (Bulgari and Oscar de la Renta)  they could no longer get at home. Patriotic businesses were forced to shutter their doors and stop importing - which led to 'shortages' of basic foodstuffs, rioting and, lately we are told, the looting of what few local shops and government outlets still remain.

                                       Near THE looted bakery, not near the GM pant

This past week we were treated to the 'spectacle' of the 'reds' socialistically 'taking over' THE  GM factory in Venezuela that hadn't produced a single car in two years.  That hadn't stopped GM from continuing to keep the 2700 Venezuelans it had hired, 'on the payroll' for all that time - good corporate citizens of wherever they are, that they are.  Left out of the saga was the fact that the (corrupt)  courts had recently  ruled against GM,  in lawsuits brought against the company in relation to contracts they had with Venezuelan GM dealerships - and that those 'employees' were busy tearing the factory down for transshipment to more lucrative markets (back in the USSA?).

Apparently this is not the first US firm to 'come a socialist cropper' in Venezuela. When the 'Clorox' company decided to cease operations there, three years ago (how come this wasn't news?), the 'socialists' who worked for the company 'took-over' the factory and continued to provide Venezuela with the means of producing chemical WMD's (should a better reason for humanitarian bombing ever be needed).   Needless to say GM fired everyone, yesterday (by email - they're all connected?). The operations staff having already departed the country. GM also informed the employees they were receiving an unspecified 'separation payment' - those good guys that GM are  - probably enough to purchase a handful of magic frijoles - or a  gun.

 To-day there are 'fears' the 'protests' will turn violent - or morph into 'civil war' -  if 'military arms' supplies are compromised - or that a massacre of good people (protestors) may occur if the government arms its 'socialist militias' and turns them loose on the 'dissidents' - sort a reverse EUkrainia - with a really hyper-aggressive 'crazy man' , who isn't even really 'concerned' or  'threatening' anything yet, ready to  defend freedom and unborn democracy - from Washington. Hell, he might even 'invade' or 'annex' something!  There already is a carrier strike group in the area.

So while we watch a US fleet close-in on possible danger from the Norks, or the Marines taking Helmand back from the Talies, Assad not crossing the line, Putin not invading Ukraine, Dutarte stopping whatever that is , the Somali pirates going away again,  the Saudis having their vict'ry parade in Sanaa, and Lindsay Lohan's unmolested 'pussy',  let's just hope that Venezuela stays on the path of Jebus and Liberty - and that Putin, stealing the French election, doesn't remind Americans, again, that he stole theirs too - and started all this crap.

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