Friday, May 12, 2017

Suppose they gave an Atrocity and nobody Noticed?

In all the revolving hoopla that is America to-day:  pseudo-medicare and fired pols - interspersed with what the Kardashians are doing,  or the odd military celebration, we forget that Syria is still the object of somebody's desires and Assad a target for regime change.

 We thought that Trump warning the Norks by cruising an obscure airfield in Syria was the end of it.  But America's interests stretch further afield - the Marines are IN northern Syria working with their 'free Syrian Allies' and making a buffer zone to keep the Turks from killing our  other pals the Kurds. The US is also on Syria's eastern border moving in, with the Kurds, toward Raqqa and, in the south, trying to drive on the outpost at Dier Ez Zor - the place accidentally bombed last December to accidentally 'pave the way' for ISIS taking the Army base it hadn't been able to capture in 5 years of trying. And then there are the security pistoleers hanging out in Jordan.

Messier 'operations'?

You may recall one of those being killed in a 'green on green incident not all that long ago. At one time it was just another training cadre working at developing contractors in the finest pseudo shoot- 'em-up 'village' that real bucks could buy. An Xbox 'experience' on 100 percent scale, with live ammo.

But it seems that somebody has brought a significant force of US armor to the Syrian border in the Kingdom - just as the FSA in the area decided it had the balls to take the market town of  Dara'a . Turns out it didn't and couldn't - at least after Assad transferred a couple of his best units there to give them some resistance. So the 'coalition' force sits, scoping the battle by drone and binocular, Waiting, waiting, waiting..

 'Waiting for what?' you might ask. A Syrian  invasion of Jordan?  Highly unlikely. The Syrians have, until very recently,  managed to ignore the freedumb fighters of the south front. There are too many 'uninvaded' rebel parts of Syria, that are far more important than starting a war with the King of Jordan.

What they're waiting for is another 'outrage'  - Assad gassing his people again - thumbing his nose at somebody 'dutiful' and then invading Syria to save it.  If the soothsayers are right that outrage is going to happen within days and the target zone will be in east Damascus - and area being fought over by two 'rebel groups' while Assad's forces watch for the opportunity to eliminate both. A 'peace' was in the works just a couple of days ago - with the rebels to be removed to rebel territory.  But, hey, a good gassing doesn't let peace get in the way.

(It seems that the east Damascus scenario has changed significantly in the last week. After a protracted period of fighting between 'Free Syrian' forces themselves, in the enclave, it was announced two days ago (May 15) that large numbers of the rebel forces were being transported out of the City to other rebel held areas. These transfers of populations, like the one described further below) are a 'hall mark' of the apparent lack of brutality in the Assad regime's crack down on his people.  But he could I imagine gas somebody, somewhere ,to cause that  US invasion.)

 The US has been distracted by domestic issues and Russia.  It has China to worry about and the Norks are making people crazy with their  threats and bad behavior.  It's just right for another white helmet sneak attack.

rescuing their victims

America did miss the last 'sneak attack'.  That happened a couple of weeks after the gassings - during another one of those peace exchanges. It targeted pro-regime Syrians and was carried out by our freedom-fighting allies. It killed a lot of babies but 'crispy critters' and busted buses don't have the same photogenic 'jolt' as little clean faces, dead for no reason other than Assad's 'hate' and craziness.

Another similar evacuation, yesterday, of the northern town of  Taqba and involving ISIS forces surrendering positions controlling a Euphrates River dam there, was derailed when US helicopter gunships reportedly  intercepted and destroyed the ISIS column that had been released by Kurdish forces in return for a peaceful surrender.

Report in the Independent

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