Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What Makes Canada SOOOO great?

According to Heather Mallick , a Toronto journalist who is "so in love" with Canada on its one hundred and fiftieth birthday this year, is the same kind of stuff that makes Canada ever so much better for real people than that cacaphony of 'democrazy' lying just to its south - especially, don't we all know,  how Canada has so wisely managed its 'abortion issue'.

She had this to write in Toronto's Daily Star

Heather on what makes Canada so great

Heather was almost pious in her praise of the handful of NDP 'activists' who appeared with their own signs and a demand to de-hoist the "anti abortion" banner that had been raised to mark the occasion by the Ottawa City Council.  That affirmation  of somebody's freedom  not to be insulted by a flag was not 'Trumpian? Nor is the demand to outlaw the 'devisive' issue and punish its adherents?

The Flag - It's 'up and down'

 The  20th  annual   Life March in Ottawa  taking place this weekend must have triggered a post-traumatic something in Heather, for she  has been able to crystallize her thinking thus: Canada is about every woman's right to have her womb tumor, her unwanted alien, her life destroyer removed absolutely free and (with the help of an agreeable Obstetrician or surgeon)  up to  the moment of delivery. And anyone who would stupidly, I imagine,  continue to show-up to state the opposite is well "Trumpian" and representative of everything evil in America and most cetainly Canada too if we were draconian assholes - which we are not. I thought there were other greater evils than somebody having to travel out of state, or to Canada - or to have to pay for their pregnancy termination.

                             Another wanted child  protesting but probably not bussed-in

 Abortion actually used to be a criminal offense in Canada - but so were many other things now accepted as legitimate. There were Canadians protesting abortion before Trump made his first 10 million, Heather,  and there will be Canadians protesting abortion after he's hit the Presidential Hall of Fame.  For you see, Heather, for all our civilization, the termination of 175 000 lives  every year (the last time the statistic was recorded 5 years ago) flies in the face of 'abortion as social panacea', the 'solution' that would remove 'the need for itself' , sold to Canadians when the 'industry' was eastablished.

 Like any right-minded establishment,  abortion in Canada is, perhaps, the most common medical procedure and costs the health care system billions in annual expenditure.  Rather than 'reducing a need' it seems to be creating an ever-growing one.  What's really wrong with this, Heather, is that Canadians have never had, and are still denied, a voice on this 'divisive' issue.  Most Canadians are stuck between the true believers on both ends of the issue and would have it regulated,  were not such as yourself so shrill in castigating those who don't see things your way - those who would qualify this particular 'right' - as some sort of ignorant primitives willing to chase women down with the proverbial coat hanger and abort them themselves. There used to be a law against such people but not any more. - for now they are all caring and 'scientific' and use hi-tech to do the same old 'dirty' job.   Abortion is no longer a law of the land, in Canada, and there lies the rub.  Soviet Russia and China -  bulwarks of women's 'rights to choose', did not have so draconian a procedure for terminating a fetus  as does enlightened Canada.

One would think that now that  a full generation is grown up in the age of liberalized abortion all those happy, wanted children that resulted from the 'choice'  would be making a change. But as Heather says there is something seemingly 'wrong' with them being bussed to Ottawa to celebrate life and give thanks that their mothers weren't having a few 'bad days' 17 - 20- 25  years ago. Or maybe she wishes they had been aborted,  leaving the best kind of Canadians the ones who 'don't care'  or don't want to be reminded that, in Canada, a 'mother'  killing a baby before its born is no crime. Afterward that's a different story.  But why?

                                  Wanted children protesting after being "bussed -in"

It must be like a US refugee reaching the magical Canadian 'border' where, all of a sudden, good things happen that don't happen any other place, any other way.  Maybe our abortion laws are another reason they're 'running' here - one might expect to see more pregnant ladies, no?

I imagine that Heather is equally 'down' on repression,  but something tells me that, shy of a ban on such 'protests',  she might not mind the annual 'Life March' being swept-off the street by machine gun fire - oh to be in such a benighted land for a moment.

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