Friday, April 07, 2017

Heads Up!

I thought I'd be writing about EUkrainia being really invaded. But no!

                                                    The Hebrew Sooth sayer

                                               Porko's peace bang-bang goes ka-blooie!

                                     Another one bites the dust - shot by a real EUkrainian

I started this. Then went 'on hols' for a few days. While I was away the shit hit the fan.

It seems that, after hearing that the Trump administration was removing the gunsights from himself and, perhaps,  the Baathists, peace-wise,  the President of Syria decided that he needed to, or more likely just wanted to,  drop some chemical weapons on a target within easy reach of the 'white helmet'  Oscar winners and the media attached to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory.

The necessity (or desire) was imparted to the world by little miss Haley, America's mouth at the UN. While not as strident as Gudrun the Widder, she makes the kind of case that would leave a Seal team in tears. She did a number on Assad and used the pix supplied by media 'on the scene' as evidence of the 'eevuls' tyrants do.  From 40 seconds after the first 'announcement;' the world knew who dunnit. This time it may not have been Putin, but Putin has his back.

                                                               The Russian 'slant'.

Big Donnie has decided to act 'Presidential' after the Syrian rebels supplied him with a saga. While, surprisingly, the 'Star Sangled Banner' crowd aren't waving lighters out front of the White House just yet (they want him to DO more), the 'innernational community'  and Trumps 'bettors' are adulating the hell out of the big palooka.  You'd almost swear they were 'up' for going 'in' alongside the Marines. Dead babies have such massive affects on those who don't believe aborted ones wind-up in a surgical bucket - or don't want to see those either.

Assad took the attack with equanimity. He sent a panel of generals out to inspect the destruction - that photo duly posted in western mendia - some kind of couterpoint that military sheiks are waaaaay safer than Syrian civilan infants, eh?  Even AFTER a damned good bombing.

Putin, the basilisk,  didn't act very 'manly' either. He simply called the attack a bad name and said he'd be slipping some more AA defences into Syria. He didn't 'go nuts' over his subway bombing either, rounding-up accused perps the next day, just like he had a regular security organization  - like Sweden's. No racing off to drop 'payback' bombs on Kirghizstan.   But he didn't have the 'slaughter of the innocents' on Anderson's '360' and CNN,  did he?

The neocons and their fundamentalist Israel-loving (Bennie hearted that bombardment) buddies now in power (still)  in America  are going to have to do a lot better before 'the sheeple' start to lose interest in the White Sales and start demanding more bayonet practices. They 'fecked-it-up'  under Bush and let Obama away with murder - for all the wrong reasons. Problem is, there is still a large 'rump' of America who, while they might love bombing bad guys for killing babies,  still hate Trump on principle and would neither buy a condo, or another war, from him.


 But it's all no surprise.  Note the last one from South front. It was posted November 2016.

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