Friday, July 21, 2017

Another Never-ending Story

The Norks - gosh darn em!

Inscrutable Silence.

Just when we thought that we were starting to get 'on top of things' again - no more arms to the FSA (unless they're pointing them at ISIS),  a modus vivaldi with Putin, the fall of more things ISIS, vic'try in sight of the Philippines. Africa - pax americus, Europe enjoying maneuvre season aand military open houses, the Chinese - quiet, the press no longer demanding any more evidence of Russian Hacking and only yesterday the Vice President announcing that there were larger catfish to fry than North Korea, we awaken, this morning, to a blizzrd of stories about item number one - 'the threat to everything!!" that is North Korea and the need to do something about that,  NOW!

Just two days ago the government of the Republic of South Korea had issued an invite to talks that had our media plastered with images of weeping Korean families reuniting in the DMZ. All was hopeful and waiting, like at Christmastime.

A new advent

And then the Norks failed to respond.

The initial stories ran the gamut from 'the tyrant was taken out by the Seals'  to 'they're all starving and can no longer communicate'.   Then the media  developed some sense and changed our focus to the threat of nuckuler annihilation, the need to practise 'best defences' in Hawaii and how concerned we all are.

The Threat


The Un News


Better late than Never

And there is good news too:  about their economy growing more than South Korea's last year, The Economy 'rockets' up?  or the fact that we could drop a dickie bird over the Yalu,  if there remain any of those uneaten - our anti-ICBM (Chaaads or Braaaaads)  'defenses' are that good.

Perhaps what's needed is a new 'fandango'.

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