Thursday, July 13, 2017

Putin's Hacking takes Back Burner

Another 'Morphus Americanus' is underway.  In the grand style of Claghorn Leghorn, or any number of other cartoon characters, the US media has stopped following  the stale spoor of the unproveable,  to hie-off on the scent of a 'wascally wabbit' who knew all about that other story and still 'colluded' with foreign potentates to bring a perrfectly good Democratic presidential candidate down.

17 Security Agencies

DNC hack

While to-day its starting to look like all the 'hoopla' about Putin or his goons 'hacking' that election - the tale that brought on an on-going spate of Congressional 'herrings', may have neen a trifle 'overblown', or perhaps created out of 'whole cloth' by the guardians of our 'security' and whatever libderties 'they' think we should have, it is no less apparent that somebody in America has a large 'penetrating device' lubricated for TrumpInc.

 The 'Russians'  are beginning to take a back seat to the new 'facts' that Trump, or members of his team , or family still knew all about whatever it was the Russians were doing and he, or they, teracherously colluded to spoil the ballot of democrazy.  Some Pol introduced a motion of impeachement,  against  Trump,  yesterday.

While it's fairly certain that nobody in a position to do so, actually knows much at all about Russia's role in all this - that they can tell, or show, or leak - without compromising 'the security of the USA' - by,  I imagine, risking having  the Russians find out HOW we 'know' what they did, or didn't do.  I'm making an assumption that the Russians might not need to be tiold if they 'did' or  'didn't do' something, but I'm a hundred percent positive that thay aren't ready to admit we're right or 'own up to anything'.

 I saw an interesting story about how Trump broached that hacking topic "repeatedly" with Putin at their 'face-to-face' last week. I imagine the notion went throught Trump's mind that, if Putin 'caved' and admitting hacking him into the hotseat, a  Writ of Impeachement would be waiting when he next stepped off Marine One.  Yet the Sec State insisted that Donald definitely DID NOT accept Putin's protestations that he didn't torpedo the dike.  To-day Donald is valiantly defending his 17 security agencies 'evidence' that Russia hacked Clinton of of a victory -  but he 'discovered' a 13 agency discrepancy. The remaining four agencies are right - chapter and verse  hacking 'evidence' from Crowdstrike. Did he really say that??!!!

Not 17 only 4 .... actually 1 and they're guessing

Family Ties

And this we week step right along to another chapter of the saga: the 'attempt' to enlist the support of a foreign plenipotentiary to  'do in' a legitimate candidate.  Don Trump Jr,  is accused of meeting with a Russian 'governmrnt lawyer', Manafort (the 'Russian agent' in charge of his campaign)  and Jared the electoral Whiz-kid,  at the behest of a fat english 'slob' who indicated she had poop to share about crooked Hillary and  her Russian 'B'ackers.  Turns out she only wanted to talk about her 'adoption' business but Junior had 'sinned in his heart' by wanting her to have actionable intel. Strsange that nobody is remembering an 'ultra private' meeting of Trump,  Obama and the 'big' John Brennan to do the big reveal on the Russian plot to 'blackmail' the new President with an NKVD video of him, russian hookers and peeing on a 'presidential bed?  That story was 'generated' by a 'James Bondian' Englishman.  hired for the purpose by somebody American.  You'd think that, psrticularly,  after the past 20 years, anything 'British intelligence' has for America should be taken with a dose of castor oil. They've had a stinky finger in every one of America mis-steps and boo-boos, for along time.

Sinning in his hart

As George Harrison once sang'All things Must Pass",  this 'hot potato' will too. Hopfully it won't require another war of distraction.

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