Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Trooth? We Can't Handle the Trooth.

Trump's latest foible - foreign governments and 'enemies'.


The fifth man at that meeting: Chris Steele? Nope! It was a former KGB agent, top-secret and now resident in America, known only to NBC - and not the fabled 'Jimmy Bond' and Clinton classmate, ex MI 6 secret operative,  DNC-contractee and finder of  Trump's 'wet Russian hookers. If Trump Jr. was smart he would have had somebody 'Russian' present to translate, if nothing else, and to perhaps determine if the 'dirt' he was about to receive was plausible - maybe that's why Manafort was there. When 'the Russian lawyer' announced she was really there to get Trump's help with beautiful Russian babies, Kushner and Manafort left the meeting. There was nothing they were interested in. Trump Jr. gave her a listen - which is more than Podesta would have done.

 Meanwhile when it came to Trump's peeing hookers, it took months -  while 'Washington insiders' circulated the Steele report - possibly because they knew it as bullshit - until it developed the email 'legs of truthiness' and could be passed along to the NATSEC supersluths for 'investigation'. That took the form (apparently for this this all hush-hush, too)  of Big John (no horseshit) Brennan asking Trump 'if Putin had him by the balls', with the outgoing Supreme Adjudicator standing watch.

We're still waiting for somebody to actually table Steele's 'report' - which has him hiding from a 'speznaz hit squad' and editing out the parts that have already been debunked.

Talki about debunking.   Enemy Hacking Identification 101

But what dumped Dolly Clinton's run for the Rose Garden was the niggling fear that Trump, or somebody like Putin, had the goods, or video  of Willie Jeff taking part in what Willie Jeff likes to do more than anything else - BJ's.  It was contended that he had done more than merely  'get away' the 11 times he adnmitted  guesting at Jeffrey Epstein's 'pleasure island'  complex. A line-up of overdeveloped 'dollies' had helped convict Epstein and caused a Royal Highness a few troubled moments in regard to the sexual predation of tweenagers that seems to have been what it was all about. Rumor had it that Jeffrey was doing for Israel twhat the KGB was doing for Putin - helping get the goods on somebody worth negotiating with. Had not Hilary let herself down towards the end of the campaign,  somebody else was going to.   Needless to say since that stuff never came out it doesn't need to be investigated,  like the true stulff that did come out doesn't either.   Huh?

Donald speaking in front of a silent panel of Willuie accusers while the big fella sat in the audience and watched his wife flounder didn't need any Putin.  That was the night that drove old Dicksie down.

It's OK for good guys to jack an election

Ukraine is an ally dontcha no?  It's not an enemy like Russia.   They vote with us as all the important UN sanctions votes and they deployed troopps to Afghanistan and Iraq even theiough they didn't have to and couldn't afford it. And even if they did try changing our regime it's only because  they're entitled after all we recently changed theirs.

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