Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Caledonia, Fair Caledonia

The festering sore on the face of Ontario has erupted again in a welter of bad blood and animousity.

Last weekend another altercation resulted in some stone and golf-ball throwing between the residents of Caledonia and the Six-Nations protestors who've set up camp in a housing development.

Since last I posted on the topic, the government had 'bought out' the developer. The protestors had re-opened the roads, but had moved into the housing development and set up camp. Lunches and talks had been moving at their own pace with no resolution in sight. And the local Justice, who had issued the original order against the protestors, was wondering what was happening to 'justice' in the province. Gwen Boniface, the head 'honcha' of the OPP, at whose door the lack of direction was laid, was resigning to take up an advisory post with the Irish National police.

Anyway the crap hit the fan again last weekend. According to reports a 'tribal matriarch' was assaulted, twice she claims, by a local drunk during a confrontation. The justice ordered negotiators for the Federal and Provincial Governments to demur from further negotiations until "the rule of law is restored". The natives, and the governments are appealing his rulings to a higher court and the natives have re-established the roadblock barricades.

Caledonia, back to square one, except the natives have those Ontario Government estate homes to keep dry in. I concur with the Justice. The Iroquois have as much right to get mad as anybody else, but they don't have any right to break the law,assault people, build barricades and obstruct traffic, except if the road is theirs and they maintain it.

In fact, the government should just screw the negotiations and ask the courts to rule on the problem. Once that's done, make a deal and finish things for once and all.

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