Monday, August 07, 2006

Farewell Sweet Princess

The CO of the Ontario Provincial Police - Ms Gwen Boniface is being posted for service with Ireland's An Garda Siochana. This is a timely eventuation in light of the flak recently bursting around her kepi-ed head for her handling, or non-handling, of the on-going native protest at Caledonia, Ontario. Gwen was taking a pummelling from the solicitor-general as well as her police rank-and-file. You didn't hear the natives griping about her, and I wouldn't be surprised that a tribal adoption and 'princess status' is in the works as a farewell gift.

Gwen was the first of her gender to rise to supreme command of an organization notable for being commanded by non-entities. She might well have been the first female OPP-ie, as well. It's just too bad that her command period had to be disrupted by a native uprising. But then she shares those honours with a bunch of others. She is, however, the first to go - unenforced judicial orders are the main torpedo, as well as a sense of lack of support for those active in the field.

Speaking of fields, now she'll be able to roam Erin's green fields - much like Maureen O'Hara in the 'Quiet Man', or some heroine in a Harlequin Romance. Or like Queen Maeb, with wolfhound by her side, spear of justice in hand. At any rate she'll be able to teach the Garda all she knows about traffic work on Ontario's highways and by-ways. God knows the Garda could use a lot of help trying to tame Irish kamikaze drivers.

One thing's a virtual cert, that her expertise in dealing with aboriginal populations shouldn't be much use. Unless the Gardai need to develop better community relations with Gypsies, Gaeltachters, or the increasing population of south-east-Asian Irish.

Gwen will have a wonderful opportunity to stock up on irish linens and belleek crystal while padding out her pension in a soft-touch posting at a base for a protracted Euro vacation. Hope she enjoys it, and keeps posted on the native stand-off!

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