Thursday, August 24, 2006

He didn't Really Say That, Did He?

The Liberal leadership 'hopefuls' were meeting out west this week. Along with all the bonhommie and 'good times' crap that goes along with this band of brothers, and sisters, came a grenade, in the form of an interview, with liberal MP Boris Wrzesnewskyj.

Wrzesnewskyj had been on a personal (i.e. non-funded) trip to Lebanon sponsored by a Canadian-Arab group to have a first-hand look at the damage. Apparently, what he saw caused him to doubt the common wisdom of Israeli 'self-defence' being propounded by the Prime Minister, the Americans and neo-cons everywhere. In fact, he described the damage as "state sponsored terrorism'.

Immediately he fell prey to Jason Kenney, among others, who castigated him for his pro-terrorist stance, his un-Canadianism and a reputed demand that Canada do some editing of its official terrorist organization list. Kenny, a man who might have met one too many canapes - maybe they were blintzes- was morally indignant and about as enraged as only a self-righteous 'pol' can get. Even the B'nai Brith - a jewish charity group weighed in on the issue.

It turns out that the kettle was somewhat black hisself, when it was revealed in Thursday's news, that that battler for truth, purity and the American-Canadian way - J. Kenney esq.- had himself vocally supported a group of Iranian freedom-fighters last year in front of the houses of parliament; this group apparently affiliated with another on the 'terror' list. Kenney developed some amnesia and, when reminded, had a 'good explanation'. Putz!

What a bunch of wussies our Liberals are. All scattered for the mikes to align themselves with Canada's supportive Jewish population - many notables among which had indicated they were turning Tory. Currying favour, our pols decried Boris' ill-discipline and failure to check before speaking. Bill 'Woodie' Graham gravely accepted his resignation as assistant foreign affairs critic.

This gang would have you believe that they think Harper was wrong to align Canada with the US about Afghanistan and the 'war on terror' but that he was right to issue blanket approval for Israel's Lebanese onslaught and the delayed ceasfire. I think they're as full of it as he, and other 'Israelites', are. Somebody actually had the stupidity to tell me, last week, that hezbolleh was emptying out hospital morgues to provide corpses for the cameras. I guess if you were willing to do that, you'd probably be just as willing to mess them up for better effect. You might even want to plant some in the rubble. There were enough pictures flying around last week to indicate that a lot of lebanese 'deadlife' were the real mccoy and that hezbolleh probably had enough on its hands lobbing katyushas into Israel, than to be transporting putrifying corpses up and down the country under the watchful eyes of the IAF.

Nah, the Israelis bombed those buildings , roads, bridges, hospitals, homes - they killed those people. They continue to 'blockade' Lebanon, controlling humanitariian aid and fuel imports - controlling Lebanon. I tend to think that the smell in Boris Wrzesnewskyj's nose entitled him to his opinion. Those potential leaders who preferred to do the 'old age home' circuit, instead of going to see for themselves, need to dummy up. If they don't support him, keep quiet. At least Boris had the balls to say what he thought, and to resign, so as not to 'embarrass' his party.

Those 'leadership hopefuls' ought to resign to avoid embarrassing the country.

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