Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Comey and the Rest of the BS

                                          the 'fleg' of the (terrorist) UVF flies outside  #10

Eizabeth May thought that she could take some advantage of how quiet things were by  having a 'snap 'election , she explained to the Brits that it 'needed' to be done to pave the way for a successful Brexit negotiation - and to help Britain 'stand'  tall among the warrior-nations of the earth.  Apparently ISIS punctuated her sentiments with a couple of terror attacks - during 'the campaign'. Despite an outpouring of world empathy and massive security drills at home, the attacks failed in their purpose of engendering support for more 'rigor' in security or 'vigor' in the fight. May is 'hanging on' to-day 'supported' by the 10 votes Ulster 'loyalist' DUP.   The shortly forthcoming Brexit negotiations - due to her ruptured ducky-ness' - are more tendentious now than ever, peace in Ulster, possibly, as well. .

In the rest of the world the beat goes on.

US forces in Syria claimed another attack made on 'threatening' government forces. A number of vehicles were destroyed,  as was an 'attacking' enemy drone. Government forces advanced to reach the Iraqi border northeast of the 'coalition' positions at Al Tanb -  re-esatablishing a government claim to control of its eastern border and cutting-off any further unopposed advance by the coalition or its Al-Nusra employees. In a late-breaking story, it was reported that two vehicles and a number of the latter had been 'eliminated' after trying to infiltrate Jordanian territory. This was taken as the 'rebel force' withdrawing, or retreating, from Al Tanb back to safety in Jordan - and being 'discouraged from' (killed for)  doing that.

In  liberated Aleppo  the saga of the little chap who became the poster boy for all Assad's evil - that the white helmets  couldn't mention  had a new chapter added.  Needless to say now that the boy and his family are safe in government-held Aleppo, their story is changed:

Whether the change is due to being safe in the regime area again, or because they have been forced to recant their former support for all things good and holy, is debatable.  It would appear that they did lose a child in the incident that brought brief fame to their younger son,  this loss is no longer mentioned nor are their other experiences 'being rescued' from a collapsing home. 

New news reports a rupture of sorts in the amity that were the Gulf States. It was announced that Saudi Arabia had given the government of Qatar an ultimatim to 'cease supporting terror', shut down Al Jazeera, stop telling lies, cut-off trade relatons with Iran and stop selling oil cheap .... or else.  The war cry was soon taken-up in the form of an embargo by all the Gulf neighbours except Iran, and most of the Arab coalition forces fighting for freedom in the Horn of Africa and Yemen.  It was looking like Qatar was 'in extemis' when Donald Trump weighed-in with his castigation.  Since then, in the absence of any more 'kinetic' activities, Qatar has receved military assistance from Turkey and humanitarian support from Iran , Morocco and a number of other states. Along with this all is a notable lack of action at the UN which will probably play-out in some action directed at an 'agressive' Saudi Arabia.   This is all being laid-off to Trump's recent visit to the Middle East and his blessing on Saudi arms.  It was announced on Wednesday that Qatari forces are being withdrawn from the Arab mission to the Horn of Africa. 

In Russia, yesterday, it was 'Down with  Crooked Crap Day' and , we are told, thousands of Russians - in cities aross the land - took to the streets to protest the Prime Minister's reported wealth - as well as reports that Putin is the richest man on earth. To head things off,  the opposition leader, Navalny, was arrested as he headed-out to protest, Afterwards 'thousands more' - but maybe not all the same thousands protesting - were arrested. Standing-up for Russian freedom,  the US government demanded that they all be released.  Most of the peaceful demonstrators were, but not the leader who was sentenceed to 30 days for calling another inllegal public gathering,  or the 'emblem' of the protest - a large inflatable Rubber Duck. '  We are told the ptotestors were singing a song about ' the  Dimon' a prerjorative form of Dmitri (Medvedev) . That seems to bear a close resmblemnce to the 'Old Shoe' and the 'Men of the 303' - the emblem and theme song to go with the contrived farce in  the 'Wag the Dog' film . 

Here's an interesting little segue from the on-going purification that is Qatar, Emirate of.    It tells the updated story of an unique character from the tale of freedom that is revolutionary Libya - a rebel leader who spoke with a thick Irish brogue.  In the light of Irish links to the recent terror attack in Manchester comes this tale to explain how a perfectly good 'freedom-fighter has been rebranded as an "ISIS-sympathizing terrorist" by the Trump organization. 

Then there is  what passes for news from the Senate Select Committee hearings - the National Circus in X acts. I imagine these ARE 'selected' Senators,  because almost to an individual they all seem convinced that Russia hacked something, sometime , somewhere - although for the life of them they can't offer any proof beside what they've been told by 'all 13 US security agencies' - the same ones the 'bodacious  but bloody' Megan Kelly referenced to, and  had dismissed as 'ludicrous' by, Vlad the detailer.   As far as I've been able to tell,   those 'reportS'  are all  based on one report from 'Crowd Strike Inc' of California  - which is so secret is hasn't been vetted by any other Cyber minder - except perhaps the one in Kyiv, and another top secret report commissioned from and generated by a  former agent of MI6 - which details the possibility that Putin could  be  blackmailing Trump with some Russian porn.  All  this week,  members appearing on the committee and answering their questions have all prefaced their remarks, or questions , with the fervent belief that they know who dunnit and look forward to finding out fer sure.  What's 'been done' should be so clear, for the rest of the week seems like an interminably boring and unenlightening exercise in "Don't listen to what I say, listen to what I mean."   

I can't wait for the 'blonde bomber' to show-up  as he said he would, and be sworn-in to give his side of the fantasy - but I'm not holding my breasts. 

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