Saturday, June 03, 2017

Get Your Strangelove Here!

Anti-propaganda is the salient feature of a number of propaganda 'mushrooms' popping-up all over the place.  False News' has given rise to even more false news and computer hacking - or at least the kind that can derail an election with 'lies' - can best be combated, as it recently was in the French example - by letting them 'hack' wads of 'contrived email' - this 'taints' everything legitimate, don't you see?  For,  hacking aside,  what derailed the recent American election was the truth about candidates and their actions - not lies.  Since then  a barrage of shifting accusations, of purported actions, with little or no evidence,  has replaced even that. A series of hearings and investigations are then themselves derailed by new -'startling'  testimony and revelations that themselves obfuscate, complicate and warrant a round of new investigations. Nothing is ever proven,  or settled in the on-going media hoo-hah.

 And that's only the 'fun part', for underlying all the sheeple-duffing is a steady parade of 'frightening attacks, horrible outrages, and assaults on our values and freedoms'  with the drumbeat leading to more 'humanitarian intervention' and warfighting. 

Shocking Footage - get used to it, or not?  End Times.


Hey! Look out! The Russians are hacking!  Well not actually.

But look, Putin just admitted it. He just admitted it!!!!!   Well not really, again.'Could' doesn't mean 'Did' - but we'll settle for any admission we can get.

Putin's slant.

The American slant.

Then there's the Miracle-worker

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