Saturday, June 24, 2017

Eid Al Fitr - a Feast that Keeps On Keeping On

 For most of the 'civilized' world it's shaping up to be the 'end of June' weekend. Summer is risen almost fully-formed from the busom of one of the screwiest Springs in recent memory - not that that has much to do with 'GW' or anything. But it's great to see the 'normality'.

 A couple of  local interest stories:

Laydee liberty - Russian Oiligarch blocks the Vu.

A Twist of Fate and into the Lake

Charlie Manson:Remember? Somebody Does.

America is besotted with the Warmbier saga.  Perhaps besotted is a term best reserved for Trump and innernational relations  ... which has done a caca-hole swirl this past week.  The 'apparent' Chinese hacking of the GPS system used by the US Navy and international freighters, or something, resulted in the ramming of the "Fitzgerald" - somebody's already working-up a C&W tune about dead swabbies in the crushed 'accommodation space', there's a 'hero' now and everything required to start a war - except, as usual,  the proof. Add to that the Chinese failures really apreciate the best slice of chocolate cake ...  ever.. and to yank the leash of their Korean lapdog, and there is cause for some serious 'considerations' in Washington.   The Norks returning damaged US goods to an America waiting to tar and feather the little creep,  has resulted in that cognitive dissonance that makes somebody stop firing before the clip is empty.   Praise be to  Jebus that Dennis Rodman had his 'nine inches' involved, real patriots can blame him for the treachery.

Some of what Warmbier had coming.

Some of what he was getting, over getting caught

Dennis Rodman: the Prince for the Peasant

And then there's the reason for THE season - a 'new' holiday of which most most westerners weren't aware. It seems that them 'Moslems' do a fast (that means they don't eat much) for a whole month, or so, once during the year.  That's called Ramadan, and it's over this weekend.  That's supposed to be a fairly tough thing - like Lent is for the Catholicks, but like Catholicks  probably the only ones who 'have to do it',  are women (part of what makes us better, again - here nobody has to go hungry unless its their own choice and it doesn't involve religion). Anyway - at the end of it all  they have a big blow-out,  a real yahoo - holidays, feasting and shopping and gifting - it's their biggest 'retail event' of the year!  And that should be interesting for us,  for there is  very little reason  for us to be out to the Mall for much more than the July holiday booze and barbecue season - and the dollar store for  flags and patriotic Chinese-made bunting and fireworks.  Marketers take note!

Hey Mr. Moon, Moon bright and shiny ... No it ain't about Korea!

They do have a sweet tooth

Hit the Mall and Shop for Vict'ry

Those Eid Feasts can be like Seders too: I DO love ponies Bubbe!

And then there are the good things like Christmas amnesties or  trenchline present swaps - truces in the frontlines, Piece on Erth,  goodwill toward somebody, etc. Just like real people do.

A truce in the Philippines - sort of.

Another tyrant tries to distract attention from all their evil.

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