Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lancing the 'Berl' on America's 'Brane'

Fake news.  Propaganda. Leaks. Hacks and the horsepellets than make us free.  America relies on the media, repeating 24/7, the daily dose of 'factoids' that drive the nation to greatness.

Yesterday a piece from a think tank, published in NewsWeek, stated that the Trump Organizaion was deliberately 'losing' Syria to the Assad regime, after 'winning' it from ISIS. That was followed by the White Hiuse threatening (and Nikki Haley repeating in a Tweet) the Assad government with big trouble,  the next time it gassed its people.  Some watchers stupidly thought that was an 'invitation' for ISIS, or what's left of it,  to make another issue of 'beautiful dead babies' for Donald to weep about and Nikki Haley to shake before the UN. And a darn good reason to 'blitzkrieg' Damascus with the force of  'punkerpans' so carefully built-up in Northeastern Jordan.


Getting the Goods on Gassing

The Leftists Knoweth naught about the Rightists

And finally, on the last time Assad gassed his own people.

There was (is) yesterday's MASSIVE' attempt by those 'russian hackers' to take over he world's Windows systems, or at least 'corner' the Bit Coin Market. Strange that every affected computer lit-up with the same MSDOS message about how to fix it and where to buy the ticket - in English! That must have been the CIA 'part' of the 'stolen'  hacking tool used to do it.

Get the Word out!

BitCoin EUkrainia

And thien there's today's brouhaha about 'Bullshit" - all courtesy of the Voice of America: CNN.

 First off a CNN producer is taped talking about what is passed-off as news, particularly about Russia.  He called it "Bullshit". But he could be a 'commie' plant, too.

Calling Bullshit on the Big Lead

And to ice that cake we have the story of a story appearing on a CNN site - the kind of thing that prefaces another 'blreakout blurb for the TV treatment, about another spurious 'meeting' between another Trump admin employee and another mysterious Russian business man. But this meeting didn't happen at all, and that got noticed. The three dopes who created that writing - for it was 100 percent bullshit - were immediately fired.  I'd be wondering how they got the idea and if there was some 'source' for the info, aside from a few Buds and a possible Pulitzer.

Three lying Liars who lie get axed

That all turned into a riposte from the WH press office and some 'shox and aw' from the US media about all being "inflamed' with the same brush.

CNN a Disgrace to Journalism

Hey! We been Inflamed!

This is just more turds in the teacup,  for the 'saga' will contnue.  Unless there's a real war.

I guess we're giving up on the notion that China 'hacked' the SatNav system and the world time clocks - at least in that small part of the world off the coast of Japan - long enough to turn the 7 Dwarves' container ship into a Kamikaze 'ramming device' to catch the USN with its gatchies on deck.  The dead heroes werre buried yeasterday at a mass 'mourning' event. No word on posthumous citizenship for the Philippino sailors in the Destroyer's crew, the other Philippinos are still 'under investigation' in Japan.

Farewell and Adieu

Remember the downing of a Syrian jet last week for 'ilegally dropping bombs'?  Turns out the 'jet jockey' called that shot, and informed  UNICOM afterward.   This after it was wondered A) why the super duper stealth F22 ranging at will over Syria didn't do it and B) there were some questions about 'the shoot down' that they didn't know the answers to in Doha, Qatar.  Of such things do wars get started.

And an update or 2:  The Hacking Saga - Amended

NYT Retraction

AP's 'correction'

Was is "surreal".

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