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In the News - Father's Day Weekend

In the News

Stealth works!   A hi-tech  'Stennis' class USN destroyer , operating off the coast of Japan,  was 'run down' early yesterday morning , by a Philippino container ship, after the US navy vessel, apparently, tried to steam across its bows. 14 US sailors are missing and the destroyer is being 'returned to 'port' for evaluation and repairs after taking-on water.   While it would appear the destroyer 'Fitzgerald' was unaware of,  or ignoring,  the container ship.  It could very well be that the 'Fitzgerald' - a ship with stealth configuration  may not have been 'visible' to the crew of the cargo vessel.  Although the cargo ship's engines were reported to have been 'stopped' at the time of the incident.

Down by the starboard quarter

The Republican congressman on second base will be fine. This   after a disgruntled Bernie Sanders 'suppoorter' who had 'gone to Washington', from his home Illinois, gave him a 'Forrest Gump wound' during a baseball practice in Alexandria Va.  The 66-year-old shooter,  who had been living in a van and using the facilities at a nearby 'Y' to clean-up,  also shot a congressional aide - numerous times - as well as two members of the 'security detail',  before himself being shot to death in an incident, described by some witnesses, as "Iraq".   So while his actual reasons for his actions (definitely not terrorism??) are unknown,  the incident is being laid at the foot of increasingly radical 'leftists' and 'liberals'  and their willingness to 'go to the dark side' to 'promote their hate and  their 'free-dumb'.

The war zone in Alexandria - the game played on

Speaking of the sinister part of the world, Oliver Stone  America's left-wing answer to Oliver North, was pilloried on  the Stephen Colbert Show  for his recently-completed four-hour 'lustration' of everything Putin. A program that is to be aired, in totality, on totalitarian TV in Russia. Naturally Oliver, who with Steven Segal and that weird guy who looks a bit like Nick Nolte and  'star' of a couple of reality detox shows - seems to have a constant erection when in the presence of a 'Czar' of any kind - has made the kind of 'mawkish expose' once reserved only to a Pope or other potentate - like the Kaiser or Joe Stalin.  Ollie apparently did the kind of interviews once laid on 'the Bambino' - slo-ball lobs with the expectation to see him swat the spheroid out of the park, past Old Glory, to cure sick lads anywhere.   He hardly 'axed' the Russian Prexy any hard questions at all  - like why he keeps on running for office?  Or why  the bank of Cyprus nearly went bust from all the boodle he's stashed in it?  Or when he's invading Europe?  Nope! Ollie reprised Baba Wawa and was asking him about growing-up in Leningrad and his dead brother and his heroic daddy, his doggy and how he felt about his kids,  Shit nobody wants to hear about a bloodspattered killer - at least before the execution.  'The one-eared wonder'  only  wanted to know if Ollie had sucked Russian dick and the audience was lapping-it-up.

Saudi Arabia declared war on Qatar this week - well not actually a declaration of war  per se, but the same kind of thing that made the Balkans  in 1914 so much of a 'hotspot' - along wth an 'embargo' and a 'blockade' (usually taken as being acts of war).  The Sauds - well actually the Saudi Foreign Minister princeling Mahmoodi the 34th , trying-out some 'political strength and influence' chops with a view to getting his youngish ass promoted, over thousands of senior cousins, as the 'Heir to the Date Palm Throne"  to make up for the 'military strength and warrior' chops he's  been pissing-up a against a sand dune in Yemen for two years - asked for the 'support' of his 'coalition allies' in presenting the Qataris with an ultimatum or 10. (Run-on ye mighty sentences of state!)  Blackballed by virtually everybody on Earth, the Qataris responded with  "WTF are you talking about  Willis?" and accepted military assistance from the Turks. They also withdrew their forces, operating with the Saudi coalition in the Horn of Africa,  but not the Qatari forces helping to  subjugate Yemen - that's still a 'shared concern', as was,  supposedly, until last week, the well-being of salafist forces and ISIS operations around the world.  This week Qatar is being 'pegged' as the sole identified source of all that terror.  So far the Emir of Qatar has refused to bow and scrape before 'the Sheik of Araby''. Although the US forces, stationed in Qatar, are remaining 'strictly neutral',  no doubt they'd stand willing to uphold, or restore if necessary, 'the rule of law and order'.

running out in Qatar

Putin 'put down'  another 'widespread protest' this past week. Thousands of 'freedom loving Russians'  took to the streets to demand that he, and Medvedev, step dow and let somebody nicer take over.  They have  chosen as their emblem of freedom the 'rubber ducky' and they have a new revolutionary song called "Dimon" - which tells about the greedy devil whom they have elected Prime Minister.  The 'leader' of Free Russia wa arrested leaving home to attend a protest and later sentenced to 30 days in the hooscow for 'organizing an unlicensed gathering'  again,  Hundreds of innocent protestors were 'rounded-up ' by Putin's goons and loaded into police buses - some even having to be carried as they had been deprived of the power to move their legs! The US government demanded their immediate release.  Other than those facing 'criminal behaviour charges'  (most of them) - a nasty Russian gulag filler - totally unlike what America jails rioting black folks about - most of those detained were later released. The rest got fed up and went home.

Their Ducklings yearning to quack free

Among the arrested in St. Petersburg? 'Dilde' the blow-up duck.  He/She/It  (the LGBTx mantra??) was reportedly "repeatedly mounted" at the local militia barrack and remains in captivity.  The US State Deparment is now involved.

For distraction only

To wrap-up for the day:  Wikileaks to day released a list of consumer and other types of commerically retailed routers which support the 'Cherry bonb' software that allows security agencies to use these to trace and record internet activities carried out by 'subjects of interest'. The 'Cherry Bomb' software also allows outside sources to reverse access your computer.  The wiki list, while detailing every model compatable with the spyware, indicates that so far the number of companies that have cooperated to include 'Cherry Bomb' in their proprietory software remains limited. 

Stone on cyber surveillance as part of the Putin interviews

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